(H262) iPhone 6s 64gb Unlocked, warranty


Regular price $200.00

Refurbished in good working condition.


(The price is for the phone only, option: brand new box and accessories for +$15)


Buy with confidence with 30 days warranty 


My price is firm ( I do NOT accept any lower offer)


Pick up at

925 west winton ave suite e

Hayward ca94545


My Checked Points:

1. Screen: OEM or Premium screen, no cracked (with Waterproof tape)

2. Battery: OEM 87%

3. Camera: Rear/Front 

4. Carriers: AT&T, Tmobile, Verizon, and ...others

5. Call: ear/Loud speaks

6. Home button: Click/Finger ID

7. Switch: Vibrate

8. Charging port: Okay

9. Wifi:Okay Read Less

10. Software: 12.1.4 Read Less

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